First Dance Personal Song Service

The songs chosen for the extraordinary moments in a wedding should strike a chord as original as the bridal couple themselves. Imagine the entire room being swept away by your first dance, captivated by the chemistry between a bride and groom whose story is being told through an original song written expressly for them. You can also honor the dance between father and daughter and between mother and son with a song that will capture the essence of the moment.
An intimate interview with Deborah Hurwitz will begin the process. She has honed her craft in the studios at Princeton University and currently works as a composer, conductor, producer and performer on Broadway’s hit show Jersey Boys.  This experience allows her to translate each couple's distinct style and story into a song that expresses their true point of connection, in the genre that resonates most deeply with them. Your custom song can be composed, arranged and produced in virtually any style, from orchestral ballads to big band swing to contemporary pop-rock and beyond.


Your "Song of a Lifetime" will first be heard at the second meeting, held at Deborah's recording studio in Tribeca. The couple's honest response will be welcomed, discussed and addressed. Music, lyrics and arrangement can all be adjusted according to the precise wishes of the bride and groom. The final product can be delivered as a finished recording for a DJ to play, or Deborah can provide a written arrangement to be performed live at the wedding.
A custom song whether for the first dance, the ceremony or any other musical moment, can be a wonderful gift to bestow upon your fiancé, son or daughter. "Song of a Lifetime" is a truly unique service and a stunning contribution to the memory of any wedding day.