After doing a ton of research and visiting a number of NYC dance studios, we decided to go with NY Wedding Dance because 1) the price was significantly lower than most places; but moreso, 2) the crew there seemed willing and eager to challenge us. When we said that we wanted to include a lift, most other instructors cringed, but Nathan said, No problem. Each lesson was very professional and a lot of fun. The practice floors are totally private and quite large. We really choreographed the routine together; he listened to our suggestions, and included moves that we saw on Dancing with the Stars. But Nathan always made sure that we didn't get so wrapped up in the technique that we lost our connection with each other. On our wedding night, even with the billowing dress and slippery rental shoes, we absolutely nailed the routine, which included three lifts, two dips, and a death drop. Our families and friends were blown away; it was the talk of the night, and we still get compliments about it months later. There is no doubt in our minds that we chose the right studio. When you plan your wedding, you think that you'll remember every detail of the day, but trust me, it goes by so fast that you won't. There are a few moments from that day that will truly stay with me forever, and our first dance is definitely one of them.

Julie & Dan